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  About us

For over 40 years leading manufacture experience as fastener industry. Peter source’s manager, Mr. Peter Lai, has well knowledge and technology to manage manufacture and support standard quality products.

Major services in provide comprehensive equipment for fastener products, assistance customer for design and set up manufactory. Supply all kinds of oil nails, framing nails, staples and angle brads.

We remain efficient in offering high quality equipment to our clients since we believe that time is money, Client’s satisfaction is what we strive to provide. We are convinced that our client’s trust in us will continue accumulating as we offer our superior products and service.


We have acquired the certification of ISO 9001: 2015 renewal in 2018/Jun.

We have acquired the certification of ISO 9001 Quality System since 2013.

We have acquired the certification of CE in 2014.

  Business Types
  - OEM (ODM) Coil nails, Strips nail, Angle Brad and Staples.
  - Plant management (Technical) consulting & service.
  - Whole fasteners machines (equipment) design and manufacturing
  Our equipment (Machine-tool) products
Machines for Brad & Staple
  - Wire drawing machine
  - Steel wire electric Galvanize
  - Single wire flatten machine
  - Wire band making machine
  - Wire band rolling-making machine
  - T / F Brad making machine
  - Staple forming machine 25T~60T
Machine for Coil nail & Framing nail
  - Nail making machine
  - Treading machine
  - Coil nails collator
  - Coil Roofing nail collator
  - 21 degree round head plastic nail collator
  - 28~34 degree clip head paper nail collator
  - DA nail 34-degree tape nail collator
  - Coil nails – 15 degree
  - Coil Roofing nail
  - Framing nails – 21 & 28 & 34 degree
  - Finish Brad – 16 Ga. & 18 Ga.
  - Angle finish nail (Brad) 20 & 26 degree
  - DA angle finish nail – 34 degree
  - Staple – 15 Ga. ~ 23Ga.
  - Pin
  - Wire band
  - Galvanize wire
Manual tacker
  - Hammer tacker
  - Staple Gun tacker